it is tough for me to motivate myself
anyone who knows me that slacking is my nature

like the thought of "training"
it is not that I am against the idea
sure I claim that gentlemen do not practice
but it is really all a matter of laziness

so it can get tough at home
as I often have to try to motivate my wife or children
tonight lisa was hesitant to go to yoga
it did not take much of a push
but she needed a push
the push got her to yoga

the boys were in a mood
the wind was blowing
the season is turning cold
but I wanted to go outside
dean reminded me that I had already walked the dog

finally after some magical form of reason I had the boys agreeing to going outside
the shoes and jackets were on
hats were not vital and not going to happen
but petzel headbands were definitely part of the adventure
only one problem
grant agreed to go out front
dean agreed to go out back

there was stomping of feet
there was some crying
the usual complaints and whines
I can be a little emotional at times

the hike was short
involving several races and only a little carrying
an impressive little hike in the urban woods out our back alley
the woods could be so beautiful with only a little attention and a little resource
some fertile soil and some indigenous plants
maybe a yellow anerobic singletrack path
a little yellow brick road to help people to stay on track
the path is way to wide and it is already orangish brown and so hard packed no seed will ever grow there
it would take a jackhammer to motivate something to grow in some stretches of the woods of Rock Creek Park

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