painted lanes not just painted lines

would it be more effective if the bike lanes were painted a different color than the rest of the road?

a little use of negative space
as in positive and negative space
instead of painting the lines and the cyclist stencil
invert the equation
have the whole lane a different color
with a cut out of the cyclist the color of the road in "negative space"

if it is found that this causes the car traffic to respect the bike lanes to a higher level
perhaps that is how bike lanes need to be painted

there is also the "share lane"

I think that Washington DC needs to have more bike lanes and some of these share lanes
I fear that the car driver will offer that common arrogance

there is a bike path....
take the bike path and get off the street
there is a bike lane
use the bike lane

if there were more bike paths I think a number of people would go longer to go off the street
there are so few bike paths
that I think that bike lanes are the next best thing

then again I am all for closing off certain roads to traffic
maybe during rush hour close off certain roads to car traffic
the bikes would have to stop for traffic at cross streets
but these closed to car roads during rush hour would funnel the bike traffic away from cars
again offering the potential anger
of why is this bicycle in my way
they should be on the road closed to traffic

in the end
it needs to be taugh
bikes belong
it is that simple
roads were build for transport
not for cars
bikes belong
bikes have a right to the street
let the education begin

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