professional cyclists?

it is a moderately complicated topic that I may not have anything more than a blog that offers me the right to approach this topic...

are bicycle messengers professional cyclists?

I ran into a few messengers the other day out getting a drink
we spoke about this and that
one of the messengers was wearing an NCVC hat
I asked if he raced
that question brought up the notion of messengers being professional cyclists within his answer
which is sort of something different...
as racing and professional cyclists are sort of like rectangles and squares
but... I entertained the thought
or at least I listened to the diatribe without rebutal

I often wonder how the day of the bicycle messenger breaks down...
could we get an assortment of messengers to work their day with stop watches
breaking their day down into categories
a cycling computer would aid in the fun of the statistical analysis

time on the bike
time in elevators
time in the park

those could be the three primary areas to be measured

I understand that the bicycle messengers do ride their bikes for work
but... it is the task of delivery that they are being paid for
not the task of riding their bicycle
sort of like I am a computer professional
but... I walk to the various buildings or cubes
which does not make me a professional walker
no... it is the computer task that I am being paid for

maybe someone other than me has insight into this line of thought

it is a curious sociological ethnography
I wonder if anyone has taken it down to the measure of statistics

there have been other interesting converstations that would lead to intersting studies
like the wages earned by the average messenger
I think there are an elite few that make some serious coin
while the majority only make a pocket full of coins
when I hear the hours that some of these messengers are logging
it does not seem like such a glorious task
especially when it is rainy and cold

every cyclist wants to be a messenger on a moderately warm/moderately cool day when the parks are filled with beautiful people
but that is not the story every day