Raleigh Sprite 10 Speed

a classic
I did not check to see if this bike dated back to when Ralieghs were made in England

I had this same bike in this same color as a child
wanted a BMX bike
my dad did not approve
so he got me the Raliegh Sprite
5 Speed... not even the 10 Speed

guess I may do the same if my son wants a road bike
I will force the mountain bike on him
maybe not
as I am a different man and a different dad
although I do catch myself sounding like him as I scould my children

lots of great memories from the 70's on that Raleigh Sprite
had a milk crate bungeed to the back
delivered the Washington Star on that bike
as the mountain bike had not yet been born
I did a good amount of mountain style biking on that bike

raleigh bikes
raleigh sprite
(on sheldon brown's page)
Washington Star

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