some things from this weekend

no bikes...
lots of wind
but no bikes

there was the wishful thinking of racing this weekend
there was a mountain option and a cross option
yet for me there seemed to be no option

saturday we did a repeat of the saturday prior
we hosted a halloween gathering for kids and their parents
it was basic madness of four bales of hay being tossed at the children in the clubhouse and on the slide
it was madness I tell you
darkness brought out glow sticks and strobe lights
for the kids!
this is not some Thanksgiving Turkey Fever for the club kids of Baltimore

the two flashing strobe lights made the kids more insane
it was wild
nothing short of wild

sure the race could have happened
but that would have had my wife trying to watch the boys and prep for the party alone
lisa tends to handle the lion's share of all house and home responsibilities
it just would not have been fair for me to race and show up like another guest at her party
we each did a yoga class at the Ashtanga Yoga Center at Tenleytown
then preped the house and yard for the attack of small kids in costume

the next day followed by some more Halloween activities
Halloween Month is coming to a close
Sunday morning involved carving pumpkins
I sketched out outlines of ghosts, bats, spiders, and yes... pumpkins
had dean and grant draw faces for me to use for inspiration for the pumpkin carving
the boys are too young to use the knife to cut the pumpkin
heck... the boys are too young to scribble the outline of what they would like to carve on the pumpkin
so having them tell me what sort of face they wanted carved made the pumpkin more their project
this of course
after they cleaned out the pumpkin guts

both dean and grant were very well occupied with the drawings and the cleaning
although after the first pumpkin's guts were emptied grant bowed out
dean lasted for three pumpkin cleanings
and he cleaned out each and every seed
and scraped out all the guts

the afternoon involved two young boys dressed as knights
we pointed the car to Cabin John Regional Park for a train ride and some fun on the slides
but Grant melted down then passed out before we got five minutes from home
so I turned around and passed Grant off to Lisa and grabbed a neighbor's eldest son
it worked our wonderfully
except for me having to be a fire breathing dragon
already exhausted from the monster hay activity from the day prior
a good time was shared by all

the night we met at my dad's for dinner
t-shirts for the boys
chinese food for the adults

we returned home
the boys fought the bedtime routine
once in bed I toasted/roasted the pumpkin seeds
salt/butter/olive oil on one cookie sheet of pumpkin seeds
the other with Old Bay
Old Bay.... it is great on pumpkin seeds

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