thoroughbreds, plow horses, and clydesdales

this morning I thought I would mix things up a bit
grabbed the Surly Karate Monkey for the ride into work

not the rigid single
the geared Monkey with front shock

just lugging this beast up the stairs to the alley behind my house was a work out

the bike is heavy
the bike is 31.5 pounds heavy

which is a big leap from the weight of my Specialized Tri-Cross

it is not fair to compare cross bikes and mountain bikes

but compared to other mountain bikes... the Surly Karate Monkey is still a beast

although I did not attend the Interbike Booth Babe Convention
I did follow some of the talk on the Web
it seems that 29ers are still carrying a great deal of BUZZ
all sorts of folks are coming out with a new 29ers

in all the random readings of reviews of the products at Interbike I never saw anything about the new Jamis bikes for 2007

the City Bikes shops are not only my Local Bike Shop but also my mountain bike team sponsor carry Jamis
which have me focused on the Jamis 29er releases for 2007
but I saw nothing my my web meanderings

let me step away and do a GOOGLE

got a few things... a forum that went no where

guess I will go straight to the source... Jamis bikes

Jamis 29er Hardtail
Exile Single Speed (beautiful)
not seeing their fulls suspension 29er
for next season

I am looking to get on a lighter more responsive set of machines

as much as I love the Karate Monkeys by Surly I just do not thing that these things were built for racing
getting a new bike (or two) is not a must
but it would be nice for me to train on a plow horse and race on a thoroughbred

even if I am a clydesdale

Jamis Bikes
citybikesmike wrote about the 2007 Jamis bikes


gwadzilla said...

rode the geared KM for an hour and half after work in the dark

intended for an hour

but pushing the beast was not as fast as the thin tire machine

Anonymous said...

If you get a new bike, please don't go UST. I need to have an opportunity to beat you next year.

gwadzilla said...

lucky for your Redlack
I have no idea what you are talking about