voice of a soldier

a letter from Kevin Tillman brother to former NFL athlete Pat Tillman
sports illustrated
mercury news

try to find the whole letter
try to read the whole letter

try to listen to the words
try to change the future

get out and vote


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Courtesy link right here.

gwadzilla said...

thanks appreciate it

how are things?

thought about you and dt and the brew thing this sunday

did a spin with a guy who was headed out to some brew thing in burke

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Things are well, thanks for asking. Yeah, the Bootlegger's Bliss looks to be quite the hit, especially considering it's our first (and, as far as I know, the first of its kind ever). Have well over 20 people in line and maybe as many as 25 or more. Hard to say, since some people are bringing a friend and new people are signing up every few days (just added 3 recently).

Got a little surprise for each participant that's kinda cool; it's a secret till the event, though.

You need to get in on this, at least for the next one; plenty of time to dial in your brewing skills between now and then...and hey, it'd make for some nice blog food.