gwadzilla racing in leesburg

squadra coppi
velo photos

winter weight
already starting to put on my winter coat
7-10 pounds larger than I was in early september

a few more images from JOEYP from this event

my third cross race of the season
charm city, ed sanders, and tacchino cross
three amazing courses
three amazing race
three less than amazing performances by me
three really really good times

cross is special in a weird way
it is tough for me
cross is a strange painful pleasure
the climate and the course can combine to make it a unique pleasure
pleasure that may not often be felt until the pain stops

this year I have held back a little
tried to keep a little more pace
as it is not fun to be dying 10 minutes into a 45 minute race wishing that things were over
debateing quiting
counting the laps and looking at the timer
that is no way to race
unless of course you are leading the pack

and well
I am not leading the pack
I am having fun
there are a number of cross races coming up
maybe one or two more for me before the season closes till next fall

most definitely planning on doing some cross practice races with some friends in some dc urban parks
those informal events can be nearly as fun without the cost or the drive