injury and health and keeping perspective

today I posted a few things earlier on two different elite cyclists and their health and well being

a link to Jeremiah Bishop and his condition after a crash at a race in Costa Rica
and a link where Barbra Howe talks about her battle with fatigue that has kept her from racing cross this year

too few of us appreciate our health

I am no different

we can operate at 100 percent
then so much as a cough or the sniffles on race day can really effect our performance

last season I was in the ER twice for different cycling related injuries
it is part of the game
during the healing process I tried to keep it all in perspective
a broken finger or a dislocated shoulder may be unfortunate
but people suffer worse

I am back on the bike
been riding injury free
my confidence and technique are not where they should be
but neither is my fitness
that is just how I roll

yet... my perspective is where it has to be

keep perspective

ie.... your job may suck... but at least you have a job
your basement may flood when it rains
at least you have a basement