cargo mike... and his cargo bike

hung out with cargo mike and his cargo bike at lunch today
we caught up and made less than tentative plans for a night ride

mike (who answers to coach to those who know him) has some serious skills on the bike
single speed is his weapon of choice when on dirt

my thoughts...
if he is comfortable pulling this trailer
he will not mind my trying to hop onto his coat tails

google again is not being so kind to me
there was a time when I could have googled GWADZILLA and "a name" under images
and well
I would get the archive of the images of a person with that name
no such luck these days

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

I need to print some of these out for mike

and then get him over here to fix my bike!

hey mike!
I forgot to mention my geared monkey needs a mechanic's touch
and well
I think I could do to put a bit more than air in the tires and oil on my chain on the single speed
I did not oil my chain or air up my tires
but I thought about it!