bell boy

a conversation with spearmint has been occupying one of the voices in my head

listened to some quadrophenia
heard the song bell boy
thought about the police playing the virgin festival today
thought about sting
thought about the song bell boy
thought about sting and the police at the virgin festival

the conversation with spearmint touched on the topic of selling out
there was mention of dc's ian mackaye
there was mention of jack kerouac

the who quadrophenia
went for the Wiki mention of quadrophenia
quadrophenia dot net may have more information than I need to approach

the description of kerouac on the wiki page makes me think of charles bukowski
then brings me back to the conversation with spearmint which brings me back
to rollins

watching Everyone Stares
trying to pull myself away
but it is still in the early years
I am definitley stoked about everything by the police before Ghost in the Machine
everything was cool after
even the Sting solo stuff
but the best stuff is the early stuff


gwadzilla said...

there is a signature on that graphic

I am not sure where the image is from
sorry to not credit the them

Blue-eyed Devil said...

The Police "reunion" show...ha, (only) half-jokingly made the comment recently that it might be a good show if Sting doesn't show up.

No doubt "Dead-End Job" "Landlord", "Fallout", "Peanuts", and "Nothing Achieving"--arguably some of their best work--won't be heard at that venue (or live ever again, for that matter).

Quadrophenia still holds up quite well under a growing layer of dust--brilliant stuff, that.

BTW, if you like Bukowski, check out his greatest influence, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, and his books "Journey to the End of the Night" and "Death on the Installment Plan". Bukowski even managed to end up looking like Celine as he got older--there are some striking physical similarities between the two in many pictures.