the flight of icarus...

Tony Atkin aka Tony Tyman
Tyman? not Thai-man?

I am scanning the web to try and bring trust worthy hearsay to fact...

I am coming up empty
I can not even find a picture to go with the words

I heard that this weekend past a man known as Thaiman died
thaiman was one of the members of the DC skate crew known as the THE TOKE TEAM
at least I remember he used to run with The Toke Team... I can not even confirm if he was in fact a member

the toke team were pretty decadent in their day
like hells angels or better yet... the lost boys
only trade motorcycles for skateboards
sure... there was a little point break in there
although I can not confirm that there were any bank robberies
yet I am sure it was considered
and there may well have been some breaking of some laws

The Thai-man whose first name was Tony whose last name is unknown to me is said to be dead

Thai-man R.I.P.
may that be Rest In Peace, Ride In Peace, or Rage In Peace
I hope that Thai-man is at peace
his life was a rough road
a road that very few would care to travel

although I have seen no official press
I have heard from various unattached sources that Thaiman did die on this Saturday past
Peace Thaiman

in my search I took a skate down a memory lane that I did not exist on but existed near...
Cedar Crest Site with some epic images

gwadzilla archive from a few years back about the toke team
that post may fill in some blanks

I still think that this crew of skaters are as interesting, as vital, and as documentary worthy as the dogtown crew

I skated... but never well
but the overlap of skate/punk/messenger/mountain bike had a good number of each subculture at the same keg or the same bars

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gwadzilla said...

got this message today about Tony Thaiman
the source is unknown to me...

This was posted from another friend of Thaiman's..

... the actual doctor who did the autopsy on Tony, I spoke to her directly today. She has the cause of death. It's cirrhosis of the liver. Damn.

I didn't know he had cirrhosis. Did anyone else? Did he?

She said he had quite a bit of alcohol in his system but not enough to kill him, provided his liver was working. He had no street drugs in his system and a very small amount of perscription pain killer, very small amount she said, hardly anything at all. That's it, nothing else in his system.

She said what did it was that he had cirrhosis, because of that, his liver couldn't process the alcohol. She said he probably just passed out right there on the kitchen floor and didn't wake up. She said it's kind of like alcohol poisoning but it's because he had cirrhosis, if he didnt' have that he would have been able to filter the alcohol even though it was a large amount. She said he had it for a long time.

So she said she's listing it as a natural death caused by cirrhosis. I asked her if he would've known he had it and she said it's possible he didnt' know. Even though he had just gotten out of the hospital, she said they wouldnt' have necessairly found the cirrhosis when he was in for something else but they may have... so does anyone know if he knew he had it?

Damn. So he really did drink himself to death. I am so mad at him right now. But I still love him.

He always made me smile.