like being on the cover of a high gloss magazine... C3 on Velophotos Dot Net

like being on the cover of a high gloss magazine
C3 is on velo photos today

I heard that the race in hagerstown was carrying that cyclocross race energy

racing that day was not part of my weekend
riding that day was not part of my weekend

shouting, screaming, ringing my cow bell, and taking pictures was not part of my weekend

as much as I would have liked to see my brother battle it out in the elite

this was not part of my weekend

my brother managed to finish first in the Masters A
that is pretty darn fast

that is pretty darn fast over all

good work marc!

sorry I was not there to cheer you on

sorry I was not there to capture the moment on film
maybe there are some images on velo photos dot net

velo photos dot net

use the print screen button
then paste into a document in a photo editor
they you can print this to be a glossy sheet like a store bought magazine


Unknown said...

at hagarstown, I profited from 2 faster, vet-aged guys registering as Elite Open, but still it was a great outing for me.

today- first day in knickers - yea!


gwadzilla said...

good work out there...

props to you and todd

I can say that I knew you guys when you guys were just a bunch of mid pack hacks!

over the years I saw you guys work harder
slowly climbing to the top of the pack
moving to the 60 minute race is beyond my grasp
you guys fit right in
great work

as I recall
in baltimore at the Super Cup in Paterson Park in 2001 I lead you around the course at that supercup event

a crash where I got my neck run over and a wrong turn took me (and you) out of the top ten in the little old C category

we must all remember that we have humble beginnings

great work out there

you are rocking it out there!

(as well is todd! he is no Mud Flounder* any more!)

*The Mud Flounders was Todd's Canaan team many years ago

while Marc was once large enough to aid in making up half of the GWADZILLA CLYDESDALE TEAM at many Granny Gear 24 Hour Events...

no Clydesdale no more for Marc

Unknown said...

that supercup race was cool- our first season.

but yes, you zigged when you should have zagged, I followed, and a few guys flew by us:

as for "leading" me- that was still in the stage when you would never let me pass!