the bishop's house

the bishop's house
the most decorated house in washington dc
a dc holiday tradition that has just been introduced to my world

the other night the family took a drive out to Brookside Gardens
everyone was excited to check out the the holiday lights in this wonderful botanical garden in Wheaton Maryland

we drove out in tandem following a neighbor's car
our two boys were excited to run around the light decorated gardens with our neighbor's three boys
everyone was patient as we drove out of the district towards the outer reaches of Montgomery County
the traffic was pretty standard wet and rainy holiday traffic
as we neared the park's entrance we got into a long slow car filled queue
Dean was patient in the back seat as his younger brother Grant fell asleep

after a short amount of time in this slowly creeping line we modified our plans for Brookside gardens and pointed back towards the district
figuring that The Bishop's House off North Portal Road would fulfill our holiday light needs

Grant continued to sleep
I waited in the car as Lisa took Dean to join with our neighbors for a march around the hecticly lit dc home
as they toured the lights I watched the people
families piled out of mini vans while tour buses idled kicking off sounds and smells that dimmed the pleasure of the magnificent lights

when lisa got back I had Dean take me for a speedy tour of the Bishop's House High-LIGHTS

it was pretty sweet!

some of the neighbors have been inspired to step up their decorations
one house had a good number of festive blow up cartoon characters that offered a different attraction
an exciting attraction just the same... especially for the kids!

maybe less is not more when dealing with christmas decorations!?!?!?!?

Brookside Gardens
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