black slacks...

black slacks
robert gordon sang black slacks
not sure if it was a cover or an original

the tune fire that we all remember the pointer sisters singing
well... robert gordon was the first to record that song
that song was written by bruce springsteen
then given to robert gordon

robert gordon

this morning it took more time to gather my gear than to get dressed
than once my gear was gathered
it took more time to suit up than to ride into work
but... I would freeze and sweat in my work clothes
then I would not have the option for a post work ride if I did not have riding gear
so... I suited up for a real ride
when in actuality all I have is a short roll into work
a distance too long to walk
a distance that only a fool would drive
so the bicycle makes perfect sense

the effort to get dressed was slowed by the search for full face coverage
my black balaclava was no where to be found
actually none of my various weight balaclavas were anywhere to be found
sure I have the beard... but this morning was brutally cold
as the search continued it became more an issue of finding this thing than having this thing
several songs cycled through on the iPod through some old computer speakers as I scrambled about
just as I was about to give up
a black balaclava surfaced

how did this small piece of black lycra get lost in these drawers filled with black socks, black knee warmers, black arm warmers, more black arm warmers, various black gloves, and an assortment of black cycling shorts and black cycling tights

finally here at work
got my gear
found one balaclava
but where is my thick one... the one lisa bought me when we were boarding at Eldora a few years back on a cold windy white out day