out of the shower
up from a nap
back from riding

the boys are watching Star Wars V I think the one with Yoda
lisa is cooling dinner I think she is cooking lasagna

listening some tracks from David Bowie Heathen
those three covers are spectacular
Bowie is cool

David Bowie may be cooler than Sting
that is pretty cool
argue it
tell me Sting is not cool
you may not be able to


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Sting is profoundly uncool.

I mean, who the fuck with that kind of money and fame does Jaguar commercials? (I'm ignoring the easy attack here: the sappy, sentimental, bra-and-panty clad dreck he effortlessly oozes onto polycarbonate plastic.) That's the sort of thing you do, if you do it at all, when you career is finished or five seconds before the official arrival of Armageddon, when no one is likely to notice or remember.

There. Is that what you were looking for?

gwadzilla said...

that was good...

there is nothing wrong with the jaguar ad
maybe as a child he always dreamed of having a Jaguar
the car of the upper crust... the british elite
then when giving the opportunity to be part of their ad campaign
that could have measure to fulfill more than a child's simple dream

Sting was great in BEE MOVIE!
okay... not great
it was fun that he allowed for an animated portrayal like that

is Bowie the coolest man in the universe?

gwadzilla said...

my buddy chris sent me this


gwadzilla said...


how do you think you would respond if Sting complimented you on your new fixie?

would you melt or would you snub?


Blue-eyed Devil said...

I'd tell 'im to fuck off, mate, ha.

The fact that Sting appeared in Bee Movie is proof he is irremediably uncool.

I'd say Ian Svenonius is closer to coolest man in the universe.

Happy New Year.

gwadzilla said...

I am quite positive that Ian Svenonius would agree with you

Marc from Human Resources said...

I'd take bowie over sting in a cool fight anyday.


gwadzilla said...


bowie is cooler than sting

to be as cool as bowie you would need to start at a very young age

I fear that my kids will grow up to be very similar to me

which is fine
as long as they are okay with being tragically uncool and a tad unpopular