the choice is ours...

the choice is ours as to who we want to be...

here it is the holiday season
there are all sorts of holiday activities which include holiday office parties and such
it is up to us how we want to approach such things
as for me...
I started to get a bit of a Grinch-like attitude about my office holiday party

but why?

why can I just choose not to attend with all sorts of emotion attached?

do I need to get grumpy each time someone asks me if I am going to attend?
do I need to tell people that I would rather get drinks with friends than co-workers?
do I need to tell people that I see my co-workers enough at work?

no, I do not need to go into any of that

I wore a holiday color flannel shirt today
and well...
although I did not get a sitter for tonight
I may stop in for a second and some holiday cheer
why be all bah hum bug about it all!
oh... and I just learned I need to stay late... which will have me leaving just as the party is starting

the grinch is a part of me...
but... there is no need for me to let the part become the whole