family man

Family Man
by Henry Rollins of Black Flag

"Family Man"

Do you want the family man or do you want the
swingin' man? you choose.
(family man)
You get the family man.

family man
family MAN
with your glances my way, taken no chances on the new day
family man,
family man with your life all planned
your little sand castle built,
smilin' through your guilt,
here i come.
here i come family man
i come to infect. i come to rape your woman.
i come to take your children into the street.
i come for YOU family man. family man,
with your christmas lights already up,
your such a MAN when your puttin' up your christmas lights, first on the block.
family man.
family man, I wanna crucify you to your front door, with nails
from your well stocked garage, family man, family man.
family man.
Saint dad. Father on fire. I've come to incinerate you
I've come home.

this weekend past I hung my Christmas Lights
no... not the first on the block
not the brightest on the block
the lights are are up to my liking

growing up Black Flag was high on my playlist
DAMAGE may have been considered AN ANTI-PARENT RECORD
but for a teen age boy... it was pure pleasure
saw Black Flag through several incarnations prior to the Slip It In era
then maybe a few more times before Rollins moved to the Rollins Band....
the funny thing was Black Flag seemed like the Rollins Band even before the name change