for some reason...

for some reason this depiction of tina fey reminds me of my sister

no... I do not know tina fey
but then again
I do not know my sister that well either
so... I could be way off
then again... I could be right on!


Unknown said...

Ha! I saw this ad today in Men's Journal. It held my gaze for two reasons:

1) the baby typing on the laptop is adorable!

2) Tina Fey is such a total shag.

Then again I've always had a thing for chicks in glasses. They're so much fun. When she wears her glasses you have first chick. When she takes off her glasses you have a whole new chick. lol I wouldn't mind her hanging out under my desk! ;-)

Rob said...

The tina fey amex ad's crack me up, especially the one on tv where she has to grab her fire extinguisher and go put out a fire in the writers office...