it is funny
when I was a kid my dad would make comparisons with the present day to when he was a child
he would tell me how much it cost to go to the movies or how much a gallon of gasoline cost or what you could buy for a penny
then he would see our Electronic Battleship game game and tell us he played the same game with a basic number two pencil and some graph paper when he was a child
the comparisons were never ending

now... here I am
I am a father and I am making similar such comparisons
when I was a child I recall that pennies still amounted to something
a gallon of gas was under a dollar and its climb in a several cents was monumental
a hamburger at McDonalds was twenty-five cents
while the four cent jump to a cheese burger was more than I could justify

it is funny...
electronic battleship is still electronic battleship
but there are many things that have changed
computer technology and all that dances with it would have to be the most significant change in society
while we were spellbound by Pong and then the basic Atari console
things have moved to a near holographic images
the one dimensional games have become so real that actual living can pale in comparison
the comparisons are never ending

there is no real point
just a lame observation
just as lame as so many of my daily observations

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