I always need an excuse to ride...

I always need an excuse to ride
by nature I am lazy
so I always need an excuse to ride
yes... there is my commute
but my commute is short
so I try to extend my post work ride
but sometimes I lack the motivation
sometimes I lack the inspiration
so... sometimes I give myself an excuse to ride

last night after a short breeze through the office holiday party I suited up in my cold weather gear and got on my bike
had all sorts of lights and all sorts of clothes
there were enough lights
and once I was moving I had enough clothing
I meandered about town dodging the drunks leaving their office parties
in fear of the worst I found sanctuary on the bike path leading out of town past the Jefferson Memorial
as I crossed the 14th Street bridge I turned on my headlamp for the first time
the street lights and the blinking lights had been enough on the urban roads
but on the bike path I want to give other users greater warning

the Mount Vernon trail is one of the most beautiful rides in the area
especially at night
the reflections on the potomac river
the glow of the marble monuments across the river on the mall
it is nothing short of spectacular
add the variable of the trail being vacant
it is near sublime

so I pedalled my fat tired out of shape ass to Target at Potomac Yards
not having a lock I strolled into that beautiful box store and leaned my bike up against the back way then made a b-line to the toy department
in the aisle with remote control robots, cars, and planes I looked for helicopters
asked the man in the red shirt with the target logo on his chest where the remote control helicopters could be found

no more helicopters

with a short thanks I was headed back to the bike without skipping a beat

walked out the door with my bike and no helicopters
turned on my assorted lights
then reversed my path home
considered taking things through the path on rock creek to get an extra minute or two
but then figured zigging and zagging through town would get my home quicker
home is where I wanted to be
it was late

got home to a rebellious near four year
my desire to unwind with a glass of wine in front of the television was altered
I got into bed in an effort to get my near four year old into bed as well

woke up this morning to an early rising sleep deprived four year old

and I am without a the helicopter gifts that I had intended
good thing I already bought the helicopters for my two boys....
would hate not to have that gift waiting under the tree for them!