a little confusion at the cyclocross nationals

photo from cycling news
by way of pooch in africa

this photo tells many stories

I was not there to experience this pile up
I was not there to witness this pile up
I have not spoken to my brother since the race
I am sure that this photo will explain a crucial moment in the race
a moment that may well be defining for many people at the Cyclocross Nationals in KC this weekend past

a glance at the results showed what appeared to be a strong finish for my brother
but it is not just about the finish
it is about the race
my guess...
this is not the race that he trained for
this is not the race that traveled to kansas city for

yes... that is cyclocross

that is a fantastic photo!
I am curious about my brother marc's position before the pile up
maybe the answer will be on youtube later this week


Unknown said...

the race started on a long slight uphill on pavement, and that was the first turn, to a short but steep rutted hill.
I had a good starting spot 3rd row and was doing well off the line. at the turn I went a little wide- the main pile-up was on the inside. I was expecting a likely crash there. as people went down, some were bounced across the track and almost took me out. so, the crash was still happening as I went by. based on the announcing, I think there was a 2nd big pile-up at the same spot a second or 2 later.

the start plus the crash left me in a good position, but I had a crappy race and couldn't capitalize on the good start. the conditions were very tough and I wasn't confident enough to ride it fast.


Yokota Fritz said...

Wow, amazing photo.

gwadzilla said...


an amazing photo

the flag
the umbrella
the stack of cyclists
and my brother making the human hole shot!

hold on
that sounds dirty!