missed the shot.... I hate when I am without my camera

just stepped out of my office to grab something for breakfast
zipped over towards one of those spots that has the buffet by the pound
it is quick and easy
not always cheap
but definitely convenient

out the door I felt naked without my camera
several cyclists passed making their morning approach to work
nothing missed
then up the block I see it... it is the shot
the DC version of a CopenhagenGirlonaBike
she is long and tall and quite fashionable
beyond fashionable... cute... if not hot

she is stalled at the light within view
like a hunter without his gun I am there empty handed
I take in the site and grumble about my cameralessness

the lighting is good and she is in the perfect position for either an approach or for multiple shots from her stagnant position into her rolling past me
I am without a camera
I look at her and I look at her bike
it looks like an old men's AMF from the 70's
a white three speed with twenty seven and a quarter wheels
the retro bike is outfitted with what looks like a Wald folding basket on her rear rack
the basket is clasped on some fake flowers... a nice touch

her look is as unique as her bike
she is helmetless as it may be tough to get a helmet around her mane
her hair is wild and free
a fro with the style and power of Lenny Kravitz's drummer
she is long and tall and her tight fitting indy rocker gear flexes that build
her leg warmers are both fashion and function
although not an appealing fashion to me

I missed the shot
there I was without my camera
again... the fish jumps and makes the splash
not across the pond
right in front of me
I am without my rod and reel
this one gets away

cindy blackman