more on the cross nationals

more on the Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City...

I wonder...
I wonder if anyone but the winners were pleased with how things went at the Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City

it looks like rubber booties were more valuable than heart rate monitors on this day

photos by Sean Bega of Hub Racing
Corey pictured above my brother Marc pictured below

photos/results/links and more at the KC Cross Nationals mainpage
there were three and a half pages of results after my brother Marc
so... he did not have the race he was looking for... but he was solid at 58th in his
Tim Faia was on the first page right above Kris Auer in 28th

I bet the hot tubs in KC were filled to maximum capacity after these races!


Unknown said...

for the most part it was frozen ruts lubricated with snow and mud. the deep water/mud you see in that pict is runoff from the bike wash station.

most of the people listed after me on the results were no-shows. there were a lot of them.


gwadzilla said...

maybe there needs to be an east coast cyclocross park
like a water park
where there are man made obstacles to simulate the type of hazards a racer may encounter at the nationals
like a wave pool in the mid west

the belgian embassy could host the event
there could be flavored beers and big old cowbells

it could be part of the folklife festival on the mall!