one last rant...

so... how is the blog going?

an ignorant approach to conversation with me

I hear it from time to time

people ask it...
people say it...

so... how is the blog going?

my usual response is

it is going...
the blog is going...

last night I got that
so... how is the blog going? from a guy who always starts a conversation with me with that same line
it irks me
it irks me because he does not get it
the blog is the blog

the blog is just an echo of my life

to ask me how my blog is going is to shows me that you do not even read my blog

if you read my blog you could carry on a conversation to a level deeper than so... how is the blog going?

if you would read my blog you would see that I am a husband, a father, a commuter, and a hack mountain bike racer
you would also know that I have a dog and enjoy the outdoors
the blog echoes this

there must be something deeper to talk about with me than
so... how is the blog going?

you could even say... so I read on your blog the other day...
this person does not read my blog...
he is just aware that it does in fact exist

the blog is not my focus
it is a by product of a moderately productive life
a pretty active life for a slacker
a slacker with a compulsion to blog