a simple solution to a number of problems...

there is a simple solution to a number of problems
a solution that would benefit individuals
a solution that would benefit society and the world as a whole
that simple solution to an array of problems in the modern world would be a mandatory civic service commitment after high school

a civic service commitment for all
for any and everyone right after high school
no one would be exempt
not the rich
not the hyper athletic
not the lounge about on the street corner
everyone would have to contribute
everyone would have to put in their time

it could be a year or a year and a half long commitment
a time to grow and a time to learn
a time to give back to society
a time to learn a trade or be introduced to an industry
a time to learn more about one's self so that they would direct their life in one way or another

a would be doctor or nurse could do their year and a half in a hospital or a clinic
there would be the obvious opportunities as firemen or police officers
and of course the military would be an option
for some this 18 month period would transition into a job/career
others may go to college

like an internship... people who grew up and dreamed about becoming astronauts or architects could enter programs where they work in those fields
maybe working towards those goals or learning enough about those goals to see that they are not suited for the tasks or the tasks are not what they dreamed

if the workers showed promise there would be the building blocks of work relationships
maybe the military would offer to pay for college... only with the contract that the person returns to serve in the military
while those could find mentors to achieve their dreams
some would become police officers while others would learn that being an office of the law is not how they want to spend their lives

people will learn the things that people learn when they get their first job

it will be a place for people to grow up
a place where people grow up and learn about themselves all the while contributing to their society

seems simple enough
this would create better people and a better society
people would enter college being a tad more mature
people would be given a job opportunity straight out of high school
decreasing unemployment also training some so that they could be more employable

just like the internship programs
except these would be paid internships

now how do we get this started?

in rural areas where there is little work
when exiting high school these people would have job opportunities where there were no job opportunities before
even if those opportunities mean leaving their hometown
while in urban areas where a kid may shrug their shoulder after graduating high school asking themselves "what next?"
they too would have some options beyond stocking the shelves at CVS... not to say that there is anything wrong with stocking the shelves at CVS

this effort would create jobs and create better people
by creating better people this would create a better society

this program would connect the work force with the people
and the people with the work force

some people would find more appealing/attractive opportunities
but the main idea is that everyone would have something to do

and it would be an abbreviated work week
either a four day week or a shorter than forty hour week

in some cases the workers would live on site
or in camps... something like dorm living

The Civil Conservation Corps

I know nothing about economics or government
but... we have a government that should be anticipating our economic future
it is clear our current system is failing
better adults will raise better children
then we can focus on our school systems