sister strikes again!

my sister strikes again!

it seems my sister has her pulse on what is cool
each time my sisters sends my kids a gift
that gift is right on

cool with the parents
cool with the kids

I have not yet seen Nacho Libre the movie
the site the these mask cape combos was purchase has some very cool stuff

and yes... they have masks for adults
not mask cape combos
but some pretty cool masks
yes... I will be ordering some stuff from this site


Grendel said...

Yes! Now I have a source for a full face winter commuters head gear!

gwadzilla said...


I thought the same thing!

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Cool. Now all I need is a large bag with a "$" on it and my bike and it's on to a new career...

gwadzilla said...


I think that VEGAS should be standard issue for the SINGLE SPEED OUTLAW crew!