sleepy sleepy sleepy... or maybe a tad hung over

still in the holiday spirit...

stayed up late at a friend's house warming the body with some jim beam black
while warming the soul with some pleasant conversation

like a fool I ate a foot long sub before going to bed
I can cave so easily to the midnight cravings
it was good... but it was not needed
christmas has passed... there is no need to stuff myself so that i can fill the santa suit

wars are won with little battles
I am losing each battle in this battle of the bulge
I fear that the losses taste better than the victories
which may be part of my issue

this morning I was moving slow out of the gate
had to fulfill a promise I had made the night prior but was too lazy in the evening wished like a fool that the kids would forget by morning

those little monkeys have memories like elephants
sure enough... dean and grant sprang to an awakened state and rushed for the toy room
only to find that the Mario 64 was not set up

I had promised to set up the Mario 64
I had not promised that it would be set up.... I promised I would set it up
had I set things up... I would have earned an extra half hour of sleep
night guy screws morning guy again

so... before drinking my morning coffee I had to pull down the Mario 64 and set up the Mario game
then brushed my teeth among other morning bathroom objectives
did not bother combing my hairs
bed head is not an issue... but my beard could use some grooming
poured some coffee and took brutus out for a walk
there was no grooming of my beard

back from a morning hike and running late I rushed out the back door
with the camera dangling around my neck I felt like I had forgotten something
mental check...
clothing for the day in my backpack

blackberry and phone with wallet in my backpack

backpack on my back
helmet on my head
camera with blank SD card around my neck
SHIT! the battery is in the charger on the wall in the basement

by the time the squirrels were spinning enough to develop this thought I was nearly a mile from home
knowing I was already a few seconds slow out of the gate I did not loop back to get the battery

instead I just rolled down the road with a useless camera dangling around my neck

like a joker with a gun in a holster with no bullets

at the unseen line where Mount Pleasant becomes Adams Morgan I see Libbey and Chris stalled at the light on their way to work
there I am... caught virtually camera-less
I have the camera around my neck without a battery
there is no way to get the shot
this would be a nice shot

Libbey, Chris, and I all catch up
Libbey and Chris do not have all that much catching up to do with each other

as they are wife and husband

so I catch up with Libbey and Chris

we talk about the weather and the appropriate gear
there is talk about trying to ride through the winter; where, what, when, and how
then we catch up about Christmas and the gifts that the kids got
all the while Chris is trying to get his handlebar mounted camera working

as expected we dip into Malcolm X Park to fly down the stairs
this is part of their approach into work each day

I let Libbey lead and Chris follows closely with the camera rolling
or is the camera rolling
later I find out the camera was not powering up

we slam down each set of terraced stairs
everyone a little more awake then before entering Malcolm X Park
we continue our conversation as we meander down 14th Street towards downtown
at Thomas Circle I take the turn for Rhode Island while Chris and Libbey continue down 14th Street

not much of a story
but I am sticking to it

it was a short commute
I was over dressed
but... I have the gear for the weather if things turn sour by the time I slide down the dinosaur

those shots were snagged off various Gwadzilla Archives

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Blue-eyed Devil said...

No worries with the weather today, my friend. Dry and damn near 50 by this afternoon.

Rain...that's a tomorrow thing, I think. SOW, picked myself up a sweet new raincoat from REI as an Xmess gift to me for just such days on the bike, so at least I'll have something to test out in the morning's drizzle.