rode the surly karate monkey today
not the monkey built up with front shock and a full range of gears
the monkey that is rigid and single
sure there is the jamis exile single 29er in the quiver
but today I wanted to rock the rigid fork

surly bikes

the monkey is a fantastic single speed
while the monkey is not much of a geared bike
something about that geometry works as a single speed

turns out I wanted more than the rigid fork
I wanted to ride the monkey

the monkey rode well
things were a little loose
not so well adjusted
but well enough
there is something organic about braking that is far from perfect
and asl long as the chain is not skipping... it is just fine

the monkey made me smile from the first rotation of the cranks to the last
literally smile... well... inside

ironically... I have been meaning to put the rigid fork that came on the Jamsi Exile on the Surly Karate Monkey
cause the fork on the Monkey is a beast!