Waba Office Party.... ouch... my head hurts

Waba: Washington Area Bicycle Association had their holiday office party last night... a party open to more than just the paid staff of WABA

Thank you WABA!

Thanks for an awesome party and more importantly thanks for all that you do for the cycling community in Washington DC and the surrounding area!

right now it hurts
it hurts to to think
this morning when I woke it hurt to sleep
it hurts
typing is not an issue
but thinking is a real problem
the squirrels in my head are on strike
they are punishing me for how I punished them last night
they have no desire to spin the wheels this morning
I try to think and I get nothing

for some reason I thought I would contribute to the WABA gathering by bringing a bottle of Jager
well... people were not willing to join in my drink so I drank alone
well... I drank the bottle of Jager alone
people were enjoying beer and wine... but not Jagermeister
I managed to drink nearly the whole bottle
the whole bottle minus one shot by Gloria and a few sips that I spilled
sorry if anyone went home with any stickiness due to my spillage
sloppiness is to be expected after such foolish alcohol consumption

after the WABA party I took to the streets with Icon O Classt of Wrenching in the Gears and got some food and some more drinks...

woke up this morning a tad disoriented
was pleased to see that I arrived home without a scratch and with everything in my bag; wallet, cell, blackberry, camera, etc
icon o classt was not so lucky... he made contact with the cab
I expect to see words on that said crash sometime within the month
but first he has to finish his report from the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms