Zeke gives a little preview of what to expect at the Cross Nationals

One Eyed Zeke has a preview of what racers should be expecting at the Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City!


my first 24 hours of Canaan team was Ziegenbock!


especially my brother Marc, Tim Faia, and Rocco!

it will be tough for all the east coasters that raced on dry buff courses in clouds of dust to race in the slop

pre-ride may be the key!

it would be bad to wait to the last lap to get a feel for how to corner

I know that I often do not get my groove until it is too late in the race


the original big ring said...

I'd rather be in a "race" with the two in the bottom picture!
vaaa vaaa vaaa vooooom!

gwadzilla said...

apparently one of those racers cut the other off right before the barriers

next thing they knew

it was an all out war!

gwadzilla said...

compton wins again
she is dominant
never anything close to a catfight
there are some strong racers behind her
but right now
there is not a woman that is coming close to her

last year the silver at the world cup
I would hate to do anything other than cheer for katie
I say katie is going to represent the states with great pride and take home the gold

I wonder how the UCI/Olympic measures work...

is Katie Compton in contention to go to the Olympics in mountain biking?

I guess a trip around the internet would answer that