some cameras at the national bike summit

some cameras at the national bike summit...

there were definitely some cameras at the national bike summit

my camera died last weekend in west virginia
so I borrowed a camera
a nice little camera
a camera no bigger than a finger sandwich
finger sandwiches are not my style

but when finger sandwiches are all that is being offered
well... finger sandwiches will have to do

the cameras were out in full force

no need for a press pass to be a shutter bug in this room

I was an offender
a repeat offender
my batteries were draining as my flash was working like a strobe light
not everyone likes the dance floor setting

my actions got the gwadzilla is number one symbol from maurice of dirt rag
then a big clydesdale hug
clydesdales should not hug in public

my little camera sent some people's eyes doing spirals because I had snapped so many shots
well... not only am I a bad photographer
but I am an obnoxious photographer
persistence is often what makes us good
I am persistent yet still bad

at least I am persistent

at least I am consistent

did you ever think that Tom Hanks and Oscar would be used in the same sentence?
come on?
blossom buddies? night shift?

digital digital everywhere
terabytes of information to be shared electronically

it was like a western by siere leon
it was like reservoir dogs
everyone trying to be the fastest shutter in northwest

there was a fight to find out who was king of The Hill
capital hill

not sure who won it
it does look like Jonathan Maus has the finest collection of photos
but the next forty-eight hours could/should present some more canidates

right now this is all I got

and my coverage is limited

as I only crashed a reception and tagged along for part of national summit bicycle ride

it all fit in well enough
could not would not use a vacation day to sit in on this
stuff on the hill
last minute decision to
attend the reception had me rushing home to walk the dog and say hello to the family
dashed across town on the frankenfixie
experience several of the close calls that are everyday life as a cyclist in the city

almost got doored
almost got flattened by a driver who never noticed me even after my throat unleashed a rebel yell
I guess her phone call was more important than my life

as my second nature is not on the fixed gear

why did I just try and find some gwadzilla references to west virginia

Icon O'Classt's images in FLICKR

bicycle advocates shooting photographs of bicycle advocates!
I wonder if anyone else is posting their shots and their synopsis