the 2008 waba gala

the waba gala 2008

the 2008 waba gala was hosted at the embassy of germany
I failed to take any "beauty shots" of the exterior because my mission was to have fun more than to document the evening
but I did bring my camera to try and capture some of the energy
not so sure I captured any energy

my wife lisa joined me for a night on the town
we carpooled with some friends; greg and cathy

the night involved some of my favorite things
people... bicycles... food... alcohol... and dancing
yes... I like dancing... I danced to one song

an assortment of people were there
people sharing at least one thing in common... THE

lots of great stuff being auctioned off

there was a piece of art that caught the attention of lisa and my
it was apparently popular to more than just
joe foley did not mess around with the countdown war

joe filled in the BUY ME NOW! line to end the battle
the battle has just begun

there were all sorts of great grabs at the
I bid on some low priced components
scoring a some shimano rapid fire shifters and some truvativ single speed
considered some bikes... but did not bid on them
there were some serious items on the shelf
lisa went ahead and threw in a cash donation to support the cause

james and danny volunteered
not sure what the voluntee
red to do
maybe to eat food and take up space

there were all sorts of women there
some were on the open market
others were taken
some were freshly taken off the market

I was taller than all of them!


jennder said...

Hey there Gwad!
Did you take a bunch of pics of the Gala? Can you shoot em over to WABA@WABA.org?


gwadzilla said...


I did take some shots
none as nice as Jeff's
but maybe alternate perspective

I will have to burn a disc

too much to email

Joseph "Danny" Koniowsky said...

and werent you a volunteer too? and what did you do?

Anonymous said...

You took up more space than us.

gwadzilla said...

I too was there to take up space and eat the food


the beer

I did also enjoy the beer

jennder said...

yes yes yes, please send a disc when you can, Joel!

The beer WAS good, wasn't it? We tapped the keg of Hoffbrau and Pauliner (sp?) but never did crack the Sierra Nevada open.