good morning to you too Mr. Cargo Mike

good morning to you too Mr. Cargo Mike!
good luck at the Hoo Ha in Virginia this weekend!
wish I could be racing there as well!

The Massanutten Hoo Ha!

good luck to Dave V. as well... take it easy on the water slide with the kids
you need your energy for the race!


fatbob29r said...

You are my Methadone, my stand in since I can't be there. Thank you. I have an addiction to that city like a junkie to the horse. I love and hate it. Since I'm in recovery now, the best I can hope for is Methadone. God bless you, you give me just enough without the withdrawls. Your picutres make my veins pulse with anticipation, when's the next fix?... and always you're there....

gwadzilla said...

I am not the pusher man
I am addicted to this blog thing right along side of you

it was said by a fellow blogger who has since retired that I would shrivel up into a Gollum-like state if I were to give up the blog

glad you enjoy it

sometimes I think it is pretty alright myself

the original big ring said...

I dig that photo. Did you plan that juxtaposition ? Two forms of transportation for specific purposes of hauling stuff, one Earth/people friendly the other not so. Coolio.

gwadzilla said...

I like to try and get some balance in the photo
it is fun to have a guy with blue rims passing a car that is the same color blue
or a loaded down messenger passing a UPS truck

but these things can not be scripted

this shot was taken as I rode into work with the camera around my neck

as I approached the alley that goes to the back of my office building I saw Cargo Mike

with the camera already around my neck I dropped my geared monkey into a harder gear as Cargo Mike moves at a shockingly fast pace with that trailer in tow

I caught mike and tried to get far enough to the right to get the full bike in the frame
still pedaling
I am also looking to see I do not rear end a parked car or a cab pulling over to grab a fare

Mike sees me I snap another shot

we greet I pull a little forward and snap a third
for the third shot mike is no hands moving at speed with that massive trailer in tow

the second of the three shots came out

that is what I got

the process is one of rapid preparation
the bicycle approaches fast whether I am on bike or on foot

there is a matter of chance
and predictability