projects promised... projects undone

a photo from the cover of the Washington Post in 1985
a snow day dc and the surrounding area
no school so we went sledding at Battery Kimble Park
woke up the next day to this image on the front page of the Washington Post

this post is to remind me to get a printed copy of that full page mounted, framed, and hung on the wall

someone said they wanted to see a photo of me from high school
well... there is a photo of me from high school hanging out with some friends

this photo was taken after we launched this trusty old tobogan off a jump at speed

snow days... better than a planned vacation day!
as these days call out to spontaneous adventure

not many snow days these days
not even in the winter


specwick said...

Which one are you? I see Bells in the rear maybe Garrish infront, is Bells hangin on you?

gwadzilla said...

from me on back...

john the mod...
and then Bells
this was the begining of Bells of
so it was not yet his nickname

11:11 is still strong in my iTunes rotation