smokers... smokers have a number of bad habits

smokers have a number of bad habits
smoking being the first of these bad habits

smoking is a bad habit
smoking is bad for your health
smoking is inconsiderate of those around you

smokers' smoking is not the only thing that is bad about this habit
beyond the brown teeth, the bad breath, and the stinky hair and stinky clothes
the average smoker is also comfortable with polluting the world around them

life is cumulative
each cigarette butt thrown to the ground adds up
it was this annoyance of the smoker tossing their butt to curb that made me realize that my spitting my gum was unacceptable
maybe we could get smokers to be more aware of their nasty habit of tossing their butts to the curb

this morning I stepped out of the office to grab my morning coffee
while scanning the streets for a passing cyclist I watched as two young men crossed the street
one man opened his cigarette pack as he walked

I noticed some of the plastic wrapper drop to the ground
this seemed harmless enough
but when the second piece of plastic dropped to the ground I realized that the first piece had not dropped inadvertently
it was part of his cool guy opening the cigarette package process

as the gentlemen passed I made a motion towards the plastic blowing down the street and alerted him to his actions
nothing was done about the plastic on the street
but the next piece of wrapper went into the trash can
then there was some exchange of words
not sure what was said... I did notice a bit of an accent as well as some attitude
so I responded, "how would you like it if I went to your country and through trash on the ground"
to which the man who had not littered responded, "this is our country"
fair enough... I tried to end it with, "well, why don't you treat it as such"

but it is the nature of many (including me) to get the last word
there was another utterance from under the breath that went unheard by me
then there were things said by me that I can not recall but I know I would have rather not said

people in the wrong should be humble


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