Brake Chatter Issues on the Specialized Tri Cross

my Specialized Tri-Cross is not currently in working order
one issue was BRAKE CHATTER!

my brother Marc send me some links to some resolves

a PDF explaining the proper adjustment of the cable hanger

then this gizmo from Specialized

a Tektro version of the same gizmo


Unknown said...

since the specialized one is out of stock I got 2 of the tektro ones

if you need one to get your bike in order, let me know

I need to figure out what to do about the l-bracket part- I think it's good to have that so it can't get bumped out of alignment


gwadzilla said...

I am so out of it...

are we doing an order by the next meeting?


and maybe some tires
and some levers
sounds like I need to look at a catalog and a calendar

I just registered for Chris Acres

except for the bees people loved that course
bees people?
killer bees?
I am so confused

Unknown said...

I meant you could use one of the ones I bought- contact me if you want it, don't just post here...

I think the next order is october...

I brought your order stuff to the clinic, but forgot to give it to you