Andy Zalan at the 2010

ANDY ZALAN: okay... I will refrain from trying to type together his dossier
google him or follow my links bellow if you want any more information

the other day I saw Andy Zalan on the road side as I was rolling about town with the camera

as I made the turn jumping onto H Street towards Chinatown I caught a glimpse of AZ with camera in hand acting a bit snarky
AZ was going his best Gwadzilla imitation
or was that stalkzilla
either way... I was being mocked
mocked... and the art school photographer missed the shot

having the time I rolled onto the sidewalk altering my trajectory for a few minutes of face time with Andy Zalan

little did I know I was going to get the live and in person break down of the 2010 CMWC: Cycle Messenger World Championships

not since Destination Dublin have I seen this sort of organization in a courier event
honestly... it sounds like an impressive event
the whole gathering sounds like a fantastic opportunity that will most definitely be a phenomenal event

The CMWC September 3-13th, 2010 in Panajachel, Guatemala

check out the list of events

it was great to see AZ
it is always great to see AZ
it is inspirational to see him put these events together
I can recall him talking about this years ago when DC bid for the opportunity to host this event
the Messenger community is lucky to have someone like AZ so committed to the cause

registration is up
plan early and save a few bucks

interesting that I have not seen AZ at any of the DCMTB DCCX Events
maybe this year I can enlist him to get involved in our last races of the day
there is talk about DCCX having an absolute beginner race and also a single speed race

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