back and forth in the alley...

riding bikes is a favorite past time for kids of all ages
I know... ask me... I am just a big kid who loves to ride his bike

going back and forth in the alley is limiting
but sadly... in this day and age we keep our kids on a short leash
the drivers of the modern age are a hazard to any and all around them
it scares me to think of "the worst case scenario"

I do not even like to entertain that long list of "what ifs"

my kids are taught to always wear a helmet when riding their bikes
they are taught to anticipate car behavior
to not only look for cars but to listen for cars
then to put themselves where they are most safe

most of their riding is with me
usually in the alleyways and then the sidewalks
the streets around us... well... it can be dangerous for an adult on a bike
all I can think... if drivers can not see me at 6'4" tall weighing in 225
how are they going to see either of my kids who are each around four feet tall?

there need to be more cycling options for the children in the city

cycling on the natural surface trails of Rock Creek Park is a logical resolve

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