the bicycle is closer to the pedestrian than it is to the car... the law should reflect such

a post on former DCer turned Pittsburgher Lolly Walsh had a post on her blog that inspired this rant

Lolly's Blog
Reimagine an Urban Paradise

here is the rant that is based off a comment I made on her FACEBOOK page...

I am all for distracted driver laws and I have no issue with laws about cyclists and texting
but things should be better thought out
the car is not a bicycle and the bicycle is not a car
there need to be laws that pertain to them and their differences

not to get into running a stop sign or running a red light
but if there is a thought about the potential worst case scenarios...
well... then it would be clear that their should be different penalties as they are different crimes
yes I said it... bicycles are not cars
no "ah ha!" from the car driver
the roads were not made for cars

well yes... cycling is closer to being a pedestrian than being a car
the law should reflect such
take a measure of the dangers... driving while texting... cycling while texting... walking while texting
the cycling "worst case scenario" is nearly identical to the walking while texting "worst case scenario"

that said... I would like to see people walking on the sidewalk more focused on walking than texting

enforcing a texting cyclist before enforcing a texting driver is like prosecuting a BWI before a DWI
a rant for another post

control the car chaos
then ask others to stand in order
until then
we are all just running with the bulls


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