BWI: Not the Airport... the LAW!

BWI: Biking While Intoxicated well... not sure if this is the place for the city to be putting its energy it may make for interesting conversation it may be a platform for people who are anti-bike to be more anti-bike the notion of regulation... well... once again CONTROL THE CAR CHAOS and then focus on pedestrians and cyclist The Washington Post has a poll... SHOULD DRUNK BICYCLING BE ILLEGAL? http://voices.washingtonpost.com www.blurofinsanity.com should biking while intoxicated by illegal? short answer... yes... should people be prosecuted for this? well... I would factor it in as an issue if the person on the bike is involved in an accident but really... would you rather have a person drinking and biking or drinking and driving a car? drunk drivers are a menace to all... often killing others and surviving the crash themselves while drunk bikers are putting themselves at risk please... weigh the dangers the "worst case scenario" of the drunk cyclist is far less tragic than the "worst case scenario" of the drunk car driver

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