ERGON GRIPS? What is your opinion?

Ergon Grips

I have the Ergon GP1s on my Niner Rip Nine full suspension bike
yesterday I went out to Patapsco for a ride with MikeK and came home with some wrist stiffness and wrist pain like I have never experienced... it is the next day and a great deal of that stiffness and pain remains
this pain does not seem to be crash related
although I did have on minor crash the symmetry of this immense pain has me feeling it is the grips

what are people's feelings on the Ergon Grips
I am going to review the manual
then check my adjustments

also going to stretch my wrists... any yoga recommendations for wrist stretches?


rayslifecycle said...

These grips are great for the casual cyclist. They are comfortable and they provide a larger contact area which will reduce fatigue. I have never used them off road however, as the varying terrain, and the different riding positions required to navigate that terrain, require a grip that you can hold strong no matter what angle your arms are to the bike.

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roaldrhody said...

I have had them for a year and at first had them adjusted with the back to low so I was actually feeling worse afterwards then the normal grips. I then adjusted them to having the back above the front and it seeemed to have worked. I am still not sure these are any better than normal grips and am contemplating getting the cane creek grips.

Cycle Jerk said...

I'm all for them. I did a my first tour on an old Giant hard tail and they saved me. There is something odd about my wrist/bar alignment, maybe because I have broad shoulders I'm not sure. I will be putting them on my other mountain bike for my next ride, maybe with a wider bar too.

danaceau said...

I have one mt. bike with and one without. I definitely prefer the Ergon grips. I have noticably less hand fatigue when I use them. Beeen thinking about getting another pair for the other bike.

Surly Rider said...

I did a few rides and one race with these and gave them to a friend. I could never get comfy on them, and when I thought I had them dialed, my hands fell asleep. I think they are a good idea on a flat bar road bike or something like that, but there are way too many variables on a MTB.

Mike said...

i use these ergon grips, a bit different style than what you are using and i couldn't be more pleased. best grips i've ever used by far.

Tim said...

I know a bunch of people using Ergons on mountain bikes, and they all love them. I'm using the cheaper version made by Serfas, with a much smaller "paddle" on the grip, and find them quite comfortable. A big improvement over old-fashioned round grips.

Unknown said...

I tried em and maybe I left the front end allot but they really hurt. If you are on the street I guess they are cool but if you can bunny hop they will kill you.

DrShoe said...

Use them (bar-end version) commuting and they have eliminated former wrist paint.

gwadzilla said...

sounds like I may pull these grips and go to a classic round lock on system

then put the ergons on different ride
maybe my cross commuter

my wrists are still killing me

dcdouglas said...


Wrist pain can be caused by lots of different activities, not only biking. Computer mice can also do their fair share of damage, if your workspace is improperly fitted. Consider also trying to switch mouse hands every so often (I try to switch at least twice a year). I have friends in the graphic arts industry that switch every three months.

Gaining mouse proficiency with your off-hand will protect your wrist and provide additional benefits to your brain.

nathan shearer said...

oakley 3 take 2. wasnt a fan of the OGs either

the original big ring said...

love them