The Executive Director postion at WABA

Eric Gilliland is leaving WABA to join up with NACTO

Eric Gilliland has left the Executive Director position at The Washington Area Bicyclist Association to become the Executive Director at the National Association of City Transportation

Congratulations Eric!


this leaves a vacancy at WABA

I believe that I am a perfect fit for the Executive Director position at WABA
my resume has been sent
the resumes are being reviewed
my guess is that there is a high volume of resumes from highly qualified people from all over the country
yet I still believe that I am the best man for this job

if given the opportunity to put in a good word for me with the folks at WABA... please do not hesitate

had I thought of it sooner I would have taken the "popularity contest" approach to things
but... the resumes are already in
no need to try to stress my level of connectedness
and the level to which I am respected in the cycling community
I will assume that that information is already known
if not... let me repeat it here

Joel Gwadz is heavily connected to the bicycle community in and around The DC Metropolitan Area on so many levels
Joel Gwadz is respected as a cyclist on so many levels... as a blogger... as a racer... as an advocate... and as a visionary
Joel Gwadz has been working to inspire people to be better people and to be better bicyclists on and off the bike for his whole life

it is my contention that Joel Gwadz is a perfect fit for this job... but I am a tad biased


Freewheel said...

good luck!!!

Jeff said...

why stop there? with such strong campaigning skills you should be giving Jim Graham a run for his money.

gwadzilla said...

if anyone wants to show their support by emailing the WABA Board or WABA Staff...

feel free to assist!


gwadzilla said...

not even an interview.