Free Bike Hire in Amsterdam...

Hostel Bookers Dot Com has some information about bicycle opportunities for people visiting Amsterdam

when I travel I love to get on the bike
there is no better way to experience the world than on a bicycle

sure... as a stranger in a strange town it is important to be cautious and careful
but it is also important to live and experience

an afternoon bicycle rental can be the highlight of a vacation
in my life of limited travel I have tried to piggyback bicycle adventures with other trips
a wedding trip with the family can also be a bicycle trip for dad

flying in a few days early or staying a few days late can really capitalize on that costly plane fare
if that can not happen... well... an afternoon on the bike while the family entertains themselves without dad... well... that is good for everyone!
isn't it?

there is also a a COMPETITION FOR FREE BIKE HIRE in Amsterdam

while on the topic of Amsterdam... I thought I would drop in that ancient photo of me touring in Europe in the early '90s
that photo cracks me up
not too many photos from that era

even less photos of me from that era carried over from film to digital

Bakfiets en Meer
their photo of the show owner's son on a mini-bakfiet is inspirational!

that mini-Bakfiet is perfect for John's Cargo Bike Gallery