just finished some connect four with my son grant

ah... connect four
I love me some connect four
just got done playing some connect for with my six year old son grant
gotta love connect four
we played a good number of games
the diagonal is "pretty tricky (sis)"
especially to a six year old
in our tie breaker I played until he saw either of scored a four in a row
we each had three four in a row when he intentionally placed his third four in a row

played some connect four and listened to Bad Brains
it was I Against I a fantastic album that many people would have called the Bad Brains "POP" record
that record rocked and rolled... call it pop... call it a sell out... call it their mainstream release... call it awesome
it was definitely a different era
Bad Brains had been a DC band
I think when I Against I was released they were dubbed a New York band

I was going to google SACRED LOVE to see what the story was with that song...
there was some tale about how HR made a call to the studio and sang it in
not sure if it was that "you have one phone call phone call"
but I think that was how they were selling it
or at least how I heard it

right now I think there are a few documentary films released on the topic
rivaling documentaries for sure
apparently there is an HR DOCUMENTARY and a BAD BRAINS DOCUMENTARY
those are both FACEBOOK pages
Gwadzilla is on FACEBOOK... become a fan

Banned in DC
that is one cool collection of photos for sure

here is a CITY PAPER article with an HR Interview
was looking for the quasi historical tale of the legend of the Bad Brains
it is a dynamic history

the Gwadzilla Archive of mentions of Bad Brains brings out a fantastic bunch of random shit

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