okay... that is a tough top five

beautiful images of beautiful people on beautiful bikes from here

Copenhagen Cycle Chic has a wonderful list of the Top Five Cycle Chic Cities
that is a great list
that is a tough top five
honestly... I do not think that DC will ever rival any of those cities
so rather than trying to enlist the fashion police on DC's cycling culture

perhaps energy would be better spent working to get Washington DC to land in the TOP FIVE in Bicycling Magazine's list of America's Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities
click on the arrows above the image of the map on either side of the words BACK TO MAP
that will take you through the coundown
which I found easier than clicking on the pin on on the map
Washington DC landed 13th... that is pretty respectable

that or it is saying that the next 37 cities in the list could really use some work

either way... the TOP FIVE is an impressive list
it would be tough for Washington DC to crack the top five
but why not

what needs to happen to get DC to become one of the TOP FIVE BIKE FRIENDLY CITIES?

I have some ideas... lots of ideas