a photographer would do things differently

a photographer may do differently
maybe holding off on sharing so many images
perhaps they would only display the perfect shot
of course a photographer would take better shots

well... I am not a photographer
with the camera... I am not seeking the perfect shot
I am often fighting to get my camera out of my bag in time so that I can get any shot
it can be a rushed process
nothing more than a pause on the corner with the camera
sometimes in anticipation of a cyclist approaching
other times expecting that a cyclist is sure to pass in a few cycles of the light

very seldom do I chase after the fish jumping across the pond

sure I try to compose things
maybe knowingly seeing a backdrop
other times trying to balance the backdrop that happens to be where I stopped
it is all interesting to me
the ever changing city
some areas changing faster than others

of course I try to take interesting photos of people with character on cool bikes
while a good deal of it is an effort to document the culture and the time
it may be a skewed perspective as it is not an accurate or complete depiction
but I do feel that it is interesting

I love going through the archives
for the images and the words
of course what I see on the page is different what you
much of this stuff brings back the memory of the moment that the photo was taken