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this morning I took the boys to school
it is becoming part of our routine... the routine may be temporary
but it is our routine now
easy enough... we drive to school and drop the bikes off
my kids and a nieghbor's kid get dropped off at school along with the bikes
after the drop off I walk the dog
then... in the afternoon for pick up... I ride to school on my bike where I unlock the boys' bikes and we ride home together

we can do it... others can do it
more people should make this sort of stuff happen
hopefully my example inspires some of the other families

this morning I was pleased to see one of the parents from my kids' school out front
she was handing out reflective vests for the SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL program
kids love gear... kids love free stuff
these vests are safe and they are smart

my boys will be excited to put these on when we ride our bikes home today

I love that comment... at a school SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL meeting last year I tried to express that we are our own worst enemies
the driving behavior of the kid's parents on pick up and drop off is unexceptionable

CHECK OUT RAY LAHOOD on the taking part in some SAFE ROUTE TO SCHOOL action on Grandparents Day

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gwadzilla said...

the boys wore their vests... we all wore our vests

the kids are young enough to think that safety gear is cool

danger is cool to teenage boys
my boys are much younger than that

I will try to make the safety vest as much a part of the urban bicycle ride as a helmet and gloves