they make it look so fun.

RickyD hosted an informal fixie ride in "the shed"

I meant to post about it... but did not
sorry... dropped the ball... meant to get the word out
looks like the word got out

lots going on
that one slipped through the crack

the videos make it look so fun
they make it look easy
they make it look fun

check it out at BIKECENTRIC

the fixie is not my thing
off road fixie has never really been a consideration for
well... considered it... talked about it... plotted it... then never made it happen
as the fixie is not really my thing... so off road fixie would only make matters worse
but seeing those videos....


I need to get me a tomicog
I should build a 69er with an old 26er
and set it up FIXED... I have a great bontrager rear wheel of the 26 inch variety
but of course... no 26er

or course I am just talking smack

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