this is going to be exciting... The Giro comes to Washington DC in 2012

this would be exciting...
The Giro de Italia is coming to Washington DC in 2012
nothing is definite... nothing is yet for certain

it is odd for an Italian bike race to start in the states... but if that is how they want to run the race... well... I am all for it!
a first time race or a new one day wanna be classic could never draw in this list of heavy hitters
so... the partnership would be a sound one
DC would do well to get behind this and make this happen

funny... who knows how it will effect things
and I am trying to think beyond the people complaining about road closures or getting stuck in traffic
people would complain if they were presented with a cure for cancer
okay... I stole that quote from a beautiful documentary called... shit... tip of the tongue phenomena
it may have been an HBO Documentary
in any case an artist was doing a massive larger than life exhibit in Central Park... and well... they knew that there would be opposition... even if the artist was footing the bill

where was I?
something about traffic... yea... I bet something about traffic
yes... the greatest complaint will be road closures

we all do workarounds
some planning and you can get where you are going on time by selecting an alternate route
just like the Marine Corps Marathon
this is not just something that can vaguely inconvenience one or two people who failed to plan ahead
but rather offer a dynamic life experience for thousands of people
of course the Giro in DC will be more a spectator sporting event than the Marine Corps marathon and its varied range of competitors... the Giro would be chock full of the world's best.... no weekend warriors... no just for funners...

as a spectator sport this would be fantastic
it will have a positive ripple effect on the city
I am sure that the leaders of this city like Mayor Fenty anticipate all sorts of good things from opening this even in our fine city... the nation's capital... Washington DC
good for lots of things

more than likely this is a good economic thing for the city
not just a sporting event
but a cultural event that brings attention to our fine city
the people gathering for the day would bring business to restaurants that may not normally see such day time traffic
I am sure that there are people who can postulate on such things
me... I am just trying to finish this thought

I wonder how big something like this will be
what will spectating be like
DC is a beautiful city
it would be amazing for a race like this to roll through DC with our city and its unique character and architecture as its backdrop
I suspect the event will be beautiful to watch either live or through the quality coverage styles that we have come to expect from races like The Tour de France

I wonder what sort of Three Ring Circus is going to travel along with this race?

I would love to see some sort of youth programs getting the kids out to see the race
I will most definitely try to find out what would be the best vantage point for my boys to catch at least some of the race
maybe a bike ride down to one beauty spot or another

the day could have a festival atmosphere at various parks
sponsors could bring in equipment and host demonstrations
again... there is someone who has already thought this out
not re-inventing the wheel... just simply following the model that has worked in other cities
then tweaking it such that it wold work here

families getting kids into cycling breeds the next generation of cyclists
not just the cycling athletes
but the utilitarian cyclists
very few adult cyclists did not ride a bike as a child
it is a shame to deprive a child of the pleasures of riding a bike
every child should be taught to ride a bike

sadly... riding a bike can be like swimming
some people never learned to swim as a child and then it never happens as an adult
swimming is fantastic
swimming and basic messing around in the water are one of the greatest sensation that the human body can experience... diving... jumping... holding your breath.... distance across or down in one breath... rope swings.... mountain lakes and public pool... great stuff

swimming is similar to the bike in its sad "learn as a child or never learn at all" failures
everyone should learn to ride a bike and swim
those are two very wonderful experiences that can give a lifetime of pleasure, fun, and if one chooses... fitness or sport


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